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Forged Performance GT-RForged Performance Nissan GT-R continues is to shatter another long standing track record at Carolina Motorsports Park.

Forged had a really great weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park, in spite of the 6-8 inches of snow that fell on Friday night which made for a VERY exciting haul from Atlanta to Kershaw, SC. We arrived to the track on Saturday morning, to the sight of a half foot of snow over the entire track. Surprisingly by noon, the snow melted and the track completely dried out.
By the end of the weekend, we set the fastest lap recorded at a NASA Time Trial event at CMP, with a hot lap of 1:36.8
This bested the previous record for over 3 full seconds previously held by a 996 TT back in 2008. Thought I would share the results, and include a quick video of one of the faster laps. The track was a handful to say the least and very green after all the snow. Grip was lacking, and the track was very inconsistent through the day.

Stock turbos
About 525whp (Dyno Dynamics)
JRZ Triples
Hoosier A6′s (295/315)
Aeromotions R2.Two Active Wing

The Nissan GTR was Piloted by Sharif Abdelbaset.

Enjoy the Video!!!