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I’ve known Andy (McDuck) since 2004 back when I was knee deep in the 350Z world. When he picked up his first GT-R in 2008, he kept the car mostly stock, but eventually had Forged add a Cobb AP and Y-pipe. Those of you that know Andy recognize his impeccable taste and astute attention to detail. He also takes his time to thoroughly research the various modification options available, and we were pleased when he again chose Forged Performance for this build.

Andy’s second GT-R took the form of another red beauty but this time, it was a 2012 Premium. Once again, he set out on a responsible and structured plan of enhancing the performance of this car. Last summer, he saw a set of Volk G12′s on another customer’s car and he HAD to have them. Shortly after that, he chose the Cobb AP, FP Spec dyno tune, and a Y-Pipe again. Although that held him over for several more months, the time had come for more.

The goals we were given were simple: 600-650whp (Dyno Dynamics), while keeping the stock block and stock cats and keeping things absolutely rock solid reliable. The car needed to start, idle, and commute just like an OEM GT-R would. We retained the stock cats to keep the fumes emitted down to OEM levels. As a side note, I’ve yet to find an aftermarket catted downpipe that can hold up to sustained aggressive street and track use without overheating and disintegrating. We find the OEM cat’s to be very durable, and well suited to achieve the power goals stated.

All parts were ordered and segregated in advance, which allowed us to have Andy’s car wrapped up, including testing, tuning, and final quality checks in just 6 business days. Upgrading turbos on the GT-R is the single biggest performance improvement you can make, and no matter how many of these we’ve done it’s hard to get over how hard a stock framed and catted turbo car can pull to redline. Cold, warm or hot…just push the start button and the engine roars to life instantly. For comparison, a bone stock 2012 measures about 420whp on our dyno. Maxed out on stock turbos we see around 540whp…Andy’s car, however, now makes 647whp at just 18.5psi of boost pressure running through the stock catalytic converters, and sounds incredible. I’ve heard every exhaust on the market, and the GTC 102mm Titan continues to be my favorite in terms of looks, sounds, and performance. Mission accomplished.

Jamielle picked him up from the airport in Atlanta, and Andy drove the car back to his home just south of Charlotte. Couldn’t have been happier. :)

Modification List:

FP800 Turbo Upgrade
FP 3.0 Inch Intake
GTC 102mm Titan Exhaust witih Y-Pipe
ID 1000 Injectors
DW 300lph Pumps
Forged Performance Tune via Cobb AP
FP Steering Column Reinforcement Plates

We’ve got a few more of these builds scheduled, in addition to a preview of our upcoming FP900 GT30 upgrades as well. Hope you all enjoy the video and a few pics of the install

Forged Performance FP800 Turbo Upgrade with Stock Cats from Forged Performance on Vimeo.

 photo DSC_0341.jpg

 photo DSC_1093.jpg

 photo DSC_9194-2.jpg

 photo DSC_0063-2-1.jpg

The dusty roads of Houston extended their welcome to some of the most powerful cars in the country for this year’s TX2K13. This event has grown to become THE “do-not-miss” date on just about every sports car enthusiast’s May calendar. Year after year, we have witnessed build numbers set higher and higher with Texas in mind. Being a veteran sponsor in years past, the Forged crew made the 13 hour trip and arrived at the Omni Hotel late into the evening. The largest hotel lot was covered in a sea of trailers containing 1000s upon 1000s of horsepower. The next morning we woke up early and headed out to the Texas World Speedway for a day of track action. GT-Rs dominated this year’s entries, comprising more than half of the field. In addition, there was a plethora of rare automobiles for attendees to feast their eyes upon. After a concise and fact-filled drivers’ meeting, Peter sent the first waves out. The event was well organized and went off without a hitch.

 photo DSC_0511.jpg

 photo DSC_2020.jpg

 photo DSC_0500.jpg

 photo DSC_2043.jpg

 photo DSC_2028.jpg

 photo DSC_2010-Edit.jpg

 photo DSC_0788.jpg

 photo DSC_1469.jpg

 photo DSC_1894.jpg

 photo DSC_1110.jpg

 photo DSC_17812.jpg

After what seemed like a very short night, Forged Performance took the hour-long drive to Hennessy Performance in Sealy, TX for the Dyno Competition and Car Show. The Hennessy staff did a amazing job directing the flow of vehicles that were snaked across the property, all lined up for their turn on the Dyno. All day there was constant stream of fans and spectators flooding into the event. Eventually, the action had to wind down in Sealy in order to give way for the attendees to ramp up for the after party which lasted well into the night.

 photo DSC_2218.jpg

 photo<br />

 photo DSC_2464.jpg

 photo DSC_2247.jpg

 photo DSC_2358.jpg

 photo DSC_2410.jpg

 photo DSC_2493.jpg

 photo DSC_2200.jpg

 photo DSC_2237.jpg

 photo DSC_2204.jpg

 photo DSC_2443.jpg

 photo DSC_2266.jpg

 photo DSC_2235.jpg

 photo DSC_2399.jpg

On Saturday we headed back to Sealy for the Hennesy Drag Qualifying Event. Many cars, which had previously been hiding, mysteriously emerged for the sid-by-side duel. Massive slicks, lots of boost and gallons of VHT insured everyone posted low ET’s throughout the day.

 photo DSC_3030.jpg

 photo DSC_2922.jpg

 photo DSC_2923.jpg

 photo DSC_2901.jpg

 photo DSC_2995.jpg

 photo DSC_2845.jpg

 photo DSC_2600.jpg

 photo<br />

 photo DSC_2538.jpg

 photo DSC_2976.jpg

 photo DSC_2609.jpg

 photo DSC_3040.jpg

 photo DSC_2853.jpg

 photo DSC_2540.jpg

Head over to our Facebook page for the high res gallery! It was such an amazing event! We look forward to seeing what of our fellow car enthusiasts have in store for next year!

The time has come for our 6th Annual ZDayZ Airport Strip Event!

Just like previous years we have reserved the 3,075 feet long Hendersonville, NC Airport Landing Strip for an afternoon of high performance automotive testing.

 photo 3DSC_4431airveiw.jpg

This is the perfect opportunity to legally test the performance of your vehicle against others in a safe and controlled environment. With the strip receiving a fresh surface a few years ago, the strip is flat and smooth which permits cars to reach speeds of 140mph and still allowing ample braking room!

 photo 2DSC_4183.jpg

While this event is officially part of the Nissan based ZDayZ Event, participants from the past years included not only Nissan but also the owners of American V8s, Honda guys and the Evo/STI crowd. The diversity of this event makes the friendly smack talk and the competitive nature even more enjoyable. With cars from 200whp up to 900whp at last year’s event there was always someone to “test” your car’s performance against.

 photo 3DSC_4285.jpg

 photo 3DSC_4089.jpg

As always we will have “Top Dawg” trophy up for grabs to the owner of the fastest car participating!

 photo trophy1.jpg

DATE: May 16th from 11am to 4pm.

LOCATION: Hendersonville, NC Airport
1232 Shepherd St.
Hendersonville, NC 28792

REQUIREMENTS: Waiver/signatures as required by sponsor and/or insurance company.

COST: $145 per driver.

REFUNDS: None (not even for weather, just too unpredictable as we have learned).

Reserve your spot: Here

For coverage of last years event please click: Here

The Forged Performance team would like to thank all our clients, friends and fellow car enthusiasts for visiting the Atlanta region’s monthly Caffeine and Octane meet. We had our now famous Forged C&O caravan moving out to the event, with a slew of GT-Rs and 370Zs. We continue to be amazed at the dedication everyone has to this event. Even with temperatures well below freezing and an occasional snow flurry, attendance didn’t seem to be affected much. There was no shortage of impressive vehicles arriving in the morning and there was a constant stream of fans enjoying the scenery. What a great weekend! The cold weather seemed to bring everyone together for conversation and body warmth! The coffee and heaters proved to be very popular all day. We hope to see everyone next month, and are looking forward to much warmer Spring-like temperatures.

 photo DSC_9478.jpg

 photo DSC_9506.jpg

 photo DSC_9626.jpg

 photo DSC_9591.jpg

 photo DSC_9513.jpg

 photo DSC_9639.jpg

 photo DSC_9641.jpg

 photo DSC_9674.jpg

 photo DSC_9660.jpg

 photo DSC_9564.jpg

 photo DSC_9547.jpg

 photo DSC_9568.jpg

 photo DSC_9566.jpg

 photo DSC_9536.jpg

 photo DSC_9655.jpg

 photo DSC_9696.jpg

 photo DSC_9644.jpg

 photo DSC_9711.jpg

 photo DSC_9651.jpg

 photo DSC_9737.jpg