All posts for the month July, 2015

Last month, Travis from Pikes Peak Racing approached Sharif for some parts and technical support in getting their Pike’s Peak GT-R ready for competition. Having heard of our success with the GT-R on track, they were looking to improve the handling of the GT-R and to help with setup and technical advising services. With American professional racing driver Randy Pobst as their hired gun, Sharif and the team were delighted to get involved with their effort. Have a look at Randy’s initial evaluation of the GT-R’s handling manners, and his reactions after installing a set of Forged Performance Sway bars. Having designed and developed our sway bars through rigorous track testing several year ago, we were confident we had the right solution for them. That said, it’s always rewarding to hear a very experience pro driver give us his unfiltered opinion of our products. Forward to the 9:40 to 10:15 mark for his impressions and improvements with the FP Spec Sway Bars. Unfortunately, one of his timed runs during the race, Randy entered a corner a little bit too hot and had an off track excursion. Despite the setback, the team will be back stronger than ever.