Newest edition to the Volk lineup: The TE37 ULTRA in Bronze. One of the first Volk wheels to be anodized instead of painted which saves a few precious grams. In stock and ready to ship. Call us for the best prices on Volk wheels in the country. We won’t be undersold 770*792*0202 and ask for the sales department.

Forged Performance is pleased to announce that Alcon has launched a new line of Big Brake kits for many popular import tuning cars, such as the Subaru, Evo, BRZ/FRS, BMW and more. These kits feature 4 and 6 piston Monoblock front calipers and two piece rears. Having one of the first kits on our shop 2015 STi, we can tell you that performance is phenomenal. Stay tuned for a full right up and more details on these new kits. Call us if you have any questions.

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I wanted to thank everyone that attended our annual track day at the historic Virginia International Raceway. What quickly became my favorite circuit was enjoyed by a great group of sports car owners this past Monday. As many of you know, VIR is considered one of the top racing tracks in the world and we were fortunate to have access to the entire Full Course configuration for the entire day. With just 5-7 cars on track at any one time, drivers were greeted with seemingly endless hours of open lapping across this bucolic setting. VIR has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars improving the facility over the past couple of years and during the off season the entire track was repaved and widened in several key areas. The end result is a much safer and significantly faster lap compared to last year.

Driver's Meeting

The day started at 7am with the drivers meeting and track briefing. World Challenge professional driver, Mike Skeen, joined us and not only provided some great tips and instruction but also generating a significant contribution to his Alzheimer’s Association Charity drive.

During lunch, nine lucky victims had the opportunity to ride along with Mike for some hot laps around VIR. While the rest of us enjoyed our lunch, we enjoyed the sites and sounds of tires sliding and engines wailing as he hustled the GT-R around the track. Good times were had by all.

We hope to continue this annual tradition and build on previous successes. We are already looking forward to next year’s event and enjoy the photos! Make sure to “like” our Facebook Page to follow all of the action.


We feel privileged when a customer asks us to pick up a brand new vehicle and transform it entirely in one shot…before he has even laid eyes on the car…or our shop! This is the story of Karl’s 2015 STi. Brand new from Subaru of Kennesaw, we brought it back to Forged and put together the ultimate daily driver package. Ohlins Coilovers, the entire Whiteline catalog of parts, Advan GT Wheels, Stop Tech Brakes, along with all the Cobb and EcuTek go fast bits. In addition, we upgrade all of the exterior lighting to LED and upgraded the OEM worthless fog lamps with true HID’s, and added a ticket proof Passport 9500ci with the new Laser Pro shifters that jam all laser guns even at point blank range. The looks is breathtaking. Hope you all enjoy.

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Those of you that know me can appreciate my obsessions with wheels. Seems like I can’t keep a set on my car for more than 6 months. Yesterday, we swapped out my TE37 SL’s for a set of Advan GT 18X10 +40 in the stunning Hyper Metal Black. This wheel is really starting to grow on me and the concave 5 spoke design really shows off the Stop Tech Big Brake Kit. Give us a call at the shop if you have any questions.

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