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The Forged Performance team celebrated the end of our official track day season with what is always the biggest track day of the year: Thanksgiving weekend with the Chin Motorsports at Road Atlanta. We played host to 14 GT-R’s and had a really great turnout of customers, friends, and family. As many of you know, Forged Performance a veritable fixture at Road Atlanta and we spend more days on this track than any other circuit in the country. It’s our home away from home and always delivers an exciting weekend for those that attend.

 photo DSC_6943.jpg

What is most rewarding as a company, is to see a dozen Forged prepared GT-R’s making hundreds of flawless laps without any issues whatsoever. The care and dedication that our technicians have for these cars is second to none, and we never forget that our customer’s lives are in our hands when these machines are pushed on a racing circuit. With speeds exceeding 160 mph, we take no chances when it comes to maintenance and safety and our drivers are rewarded with hours of safe and fast laps.

On Sunday afternoon, a surprise visitor showed up in the Forged paddock: Mike Skeen! Mike is a Forged’s professional test driver and coach and also races professionally in some of the top series in the nation. He couldn’t resist hoping in a couple of GT-R’s and making a few laps with some lucky customers. If you ever get the chance to ride with Mike Skeen…do it. It’s an eye opener for sure! In the photo below, Mike is murdering the OEM brake rotors on Jack Wong’s Alpha 9 GT-R:

 photo DSC_8505.jpg

As we wrap up 2014 we feel blessed and fortunate that continue to do the things we enjoy most and share these successes and learnings with our customers. We look forward to 2015.

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Forged Performance is proud to announce that Haltech has released their Plug In ECU for the 350z and G35, this is a direct replacement for the factory ECU. That’s right, the OEM Nissan ECU can now be completely removed from the car. It is a fully programmable ECU that interacts directly with all the standard Nissan sensors and on board computer systems, it even works with the factory CAN bus for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

New Product Release:

Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In ECU for 03-07 Nissan Z33


Haltech Pro Plug In 350Z ECU Installation Video

Main Features over previous model
• Fully Stand Alone – No factory ECU Required – Controls all factory Functions
• Complete Electronic Throttle Control
• Generic CAN OBDII Support
• CAN Bus Integration – Haltech Communicates with the Instrument Cluster, ABS & PDM.
• Cruise Control
• Flex Fuel / E85 Ethanol Support
• Long Term Fuel Trims
• Knock Control with Long Term Trims
• Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs

True Stand Alone
• New ECU is a complete stand alone.
• The OEM ECU is not required at all as the Haltech ECU takes control of all functions, unlike any other tuning solution.
• No more check engine lights, idle problems, torque limits or rev limiters.
• The Haltech allows full control over the engine, without complications or compromise.

More Control
• The Haltech Pro Plugin has more than double the correction tables available than the previous ECU, with higher resolution and more flexibility
• Electronic Throttle control allows the user to define Pedal vs Throttle position as well as user definable Idle Control
• Multiple user generic correction tables for Fuel, Ignition and Boost control.

Engine Codes: VQ35DE inc RevUp – (Single Throttle Only – Does not suit VQ35HR)
Transmission: Manual Only

The Platinum Pro Plug-in 350Z (Z33) kit includes:
ECU Programmable Computer, Plug and Play wiring Harness, USB Programming Cable, Instruction Manual (on CD), Programming software

Price: MSRP $2450
Availability: In-Stock!

Order yours today on the Forged Performance Online Store .


The first event of OLOA 2012 is the challenging wet skid pad. With Tire Rack’s sprinkler system coating the skid pad with a uniformly deep layer of water, each competitor took their turn driving their cars around the circle.

It’s amazing what you can pack into a GT-R!




Although the GT-R can usually hold it’s own on the wet skid pad, the top spot has traditionally been the domain of lighter and more nimble cars. But this year, to everyone’s surprise, the first place spot was in fact, taken by a GT-R, but one that was shod with massive 335 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires at all four coners! Incredible…many of us had wondered if the larger square setup vs. the 315′s we run, would be good in the wet. Todd and Tyson tested out this theory, which resulted in the overall win by a HUGE margin. Congratulations to them.

PSS 335 Sqaure was FAST on the wet skid pad.

We went into the wet skidpad expecting to finish towards the front of the group and we did. Catesby wheeled the car to a very respectable 6th place finish and reported the car felt superb.





A few more competitors take their shot at the wet skid pad. Smooth, steady balance is the key to a good run.






So with the first event under our belt, we hoped in the GT-R and made the 15 minute drive to the banked oval. Neither of us knew what to expect and we simply wanted to get through it in one piece and move onto the meat and potatoes portions of One Lap of America.

Catesby put on quite a show, to say the least. Launching the car at 4500rpm, the Forged Performance GT-R launched itself into the first turn and stuck like glue. The first lap around the ovall was abosolutely text-book. With tires warm, the second and final lap started even better than the first. On the exit of turn one he was absolutely flying off the corner…maybe a flying a bit too much. Tracking out to within a few inches of the concrete wheel he hauls it down again at the start of turn two. Hard on the brakes, the car slides 45 degrees sideways with Catesby expertly and miraculously keeping it off the wall for the second time. At this point, knowing that the lap would probably be a throw away he layed into the throttle again and drifted the car towards the wall AGAIN on the exit and again keeps it less than a foot away from the concrete wall.

As the crowd erupts in applauds, Catesby takes a bow and exits the track giving us all a big thumbs up. It wasn’t fast but damn it looks good. A quick check of the timing and scoring showed he still managed to pull of a 2nd place overall despite being sideways for half of the second lap.

Autobahn updates coming next..we are here at this beautiful facility. This is where our new aero improvements will really shine.


Catesby's Forged Performance Prepared GT-R
Catesby Jones, driver and owner of the Forged Performance prepared GT-R takes home a second place trophy at the annual 2010 Motor Trend One Lap of America race. This 8 day grueling event is a legendary test of both man and machine. The teams are required to compete on just one set of tires, and must drive to each of the designated tracks all over the eastern half of the USA. No tow rigs or support vehicles allowed. Catesby’s GT-R left our facility with just 1100 miles on the odometer, and it now has 6300 miles on the clock!

The car is now back at Forged Performance headquarters for a thorough inspection and once-over. Next year, Catseby has big plans for his GT-R and will gunning for the number one spot!

Forged Performance continues to lead in many facets of professional and amatuer motorsports and many of the strategies and techniques we employ on race vehicles are also utilized in our street builds.

Photo courtesy of Budski photography

Photo courtesy of Budski photography

Forged Performance completed their first official Redline Time Attack event of the year, and finished in 2nd place overall in the Modified Class. We are pleased with the results, especially given the impressive heavy hitter competition we were up against. The likes of Ryan Gates in his AMS prepared EvoX, and James Elterman in his Takata Impreza STi, were among the teams that put up some stiff competion.

For those of you unfamiliar with Time Attack Racing, each team must run their fastest lap in an offical three lap sesion. We don’t have endless laps to go fast…just three. That puts some serious pressure on the drivers, and teams, to deliver a fast lap on command.

In the end, the Forged Performance Time Attack GT-R was edged out by the AMS EvoX. Prior to the event, Sharif Abdelbaset, GM and driver of the GT-R, had expected some tough competition. “This was an absolute nail biter until the end”, explains Sharif. “During practice we were consistently the fastest team on track, but little did we know, that Ryan Gates was holding back the special sauce for the official timed sessions. He caught us off guard with a blistering 1:30 laptime.” James Elterman finished in third position, about a second behind our GT-R.

I’d like to thank our generous sponsors, for their continued support, and faith in the Forged Performance Time Attack program for 2009: Toyo Tires, Volk Wheels, JRZ Suspension, Nagtroc, HKS, and Willall Racing.

Next stop for Redline Time Attack is the Nashville Super Speedway, on July 25-26th. See you all there!