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Mines High Flow Throttle System Nissan GT-R 2009-17

Mines High Flow Throttle System Nissan GT-R 2009-17
The Mine's High Flow Throttle System has increased the diameter of the factory throttle by 2.5mm, and increased the flow area as well as polished its inner surface. Furthermore, it reduced friction whilst retaining the strength and reliability by reducing the throttle shaft thickness to the max.
The inner surface finish of the factory throttle for MY08 GT-R was rough and rugged.
However, since MY09 GT-R and Spec-V GT-R, its finish has been resurfaced and polished. Although the throttle diameter has not been increased, from this you can tell Nissan has also focused on the flow speed and tried to reduce friction. Meanwhile, Mine's have further resurfaced and polished the inner surface with ultra precision diamond cutting technology, whilst an ideal Venturi shape has been adopted to the inside of the throttle, and we made it even smoother all the way in.

In addition, the shaft is polished to reduce friction, but strength has been carefully calculated as well. We also used a special flat screw to minimize flow friction. The more throttle you apply, the more effective it will be.

With superior charging efficiency and inhalation resistance, the vehicle response can be dramatically increased. For ultimate performance, it is recommended to use the Mine's High Flow Throttle System with customize VX-ROM ECU which we are known for, and this will produce greater response.
Weight 15.00 lbs
Our price: $3,881.00
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