Product News

Last month, Travis from Pikes Peak Racing approached Sharif for some parts and technical support in getting their Pike’s Peak GT-R ready for competition. Having heard of our success with the GT-R on track, they were looking to improve the handling of the GT-R and to help with setup and technical advising services. With American professional racing driver Randy Pobst as their hired gun, Sharif and the team were delighted to get involved with their effort. Have a look at Randy’s initial evaluation of the GT-R’s handling manners, and his reactions after installing a set of Forged Performance Sway bars. Having designed and developed our sway bars through rigorous track testing several year ago, we were confident we had the right solution for them. That said, it’s always rewarding to hear a very experience pro driver give us his unfiltered opinion of our products. Forward to the 9:40 to 10:15 mark for his impressions and improvements with the FP Spec Sway Bars. Unfortunately, one of his timed runs during the race, Randy entered a corner a little bit too hot and had an off track excursion. Despite the setback, the team will be back stronger than ever.

We have been waiting to make this announcement and the day has finally come! We have been tuning EcuTek for many years now, and have waited patiently for their programmers to launch the long anticipated “RaceROM” functionality to the 370Z tuning platform. We have a waiting list of 370Z owners looking to have their cars tuned so give us a call to schedule your appointment. 770-792-0202

New RaceROM Features:

Map Switching: Rev counter indication of the four different map switch modes
Flat Foot Shifting: Full throttle gear changes (Manual Transmission models only)
Speed Density Tuning Strategy: (A must for high boost Forced Induction Tuning): MAP sensor based tuning with VVEL compensation
RaceROM Controller: Use the cruise control switch gear for adjusting calibration
Knock Warning: Check engine light flashes when knocking is detected
Per Gear Rev Limits
Custom Maps: Create a map to do almost anything!
Launch Control: Adjustable Launch RPM using the cruise control (Manual Transmission models only)
Traction Control: Adjustable traction control using custom maps
Boost Control: Closed loop boost control using custom maps
Flex-Fuel: Ethanol flex-fuel tuning using custom maps
AFR Control: Closed loop target AFR control using custom maps
Fail-Safe: Protect the engine from any dangerous situations
Gauge Hijack: Display lambda, AFR, fuel trims or ethanol content on the oil temp gauge

We are pleased to announce that Cobb Tuning has just released their new cat back exhaust system for the 2015 WRX/STi. In the past, we would make custom modifications to the 08-14 version of this exhaust to allow them to fit the 15 models. With the introduction of the vehicle specific 15 exhaust, we no longer have to do that which saves our customers money!

This is our highest performing, and best looking exhaust for the Subaru. Our in house 2015 STi runs this same exhaust and puts down 500hp while maintaining perfect street manners. Great sound, and no drone or rasp.

In stock and ready to ship or install. We are offering FREE INSTALLATION on any Subaru Cobb Cat-Back Exhaust through the end of the year! Call us now” 770-792-0202 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.