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This weekend the Forged Performance Crew spent some quality time at our home track, Road Atlanta. One of our close personal friends and long time customers stopped by to just hang out and happened to be driving his LFA. By mid afternoon there was talk of the extremely rare super car from Lexus hitting the track for a few laps. Next thing I knew I saw Sharif jumping in the drivers seat of the LFA and I already knew what was about to happen. It was clear my break was over so I grabbed my camera and headed back track side.


Next week I will have a full post with many more photos of the LFA on Road Atlanta, desktop wallpapers and an in depth review from Sharif on how the car performed on track.

We got our pump gas map completed on the long term 350Z Vert project. VERY impressive numbers for a VQ35 vehicle on 93 octane! Make sure to check out the video below.

Today we have a long term 350Z project on the dyno with Sharif. This car is what we consider a FULL build and projects of this scope take a few months to complete. Nothing on this car was left untouched: Interior, wheels, brakes, suspension, complete drivetrain, ECU, you name it…we upgraded it. Everyone here at Forged is very excited to see this car hit the streets with some serious power. We are expecting to see some pretty high numbers from this FP Spec 3.9L Stroker equipped with twin Greddy 20G’s. I will have a full mod list, video of dyno pulls and power numbers in a future post, so keep your eyes pealed for that.

For now, here are couple pics of this nasty vert getting broken in on the dyno….




Last week the Forged Performance Crew brought some of our shop and personal cars out to The Andretti Ultimate Racing Kamp for kids. This program is a week long camp for kids that have the opportunity to experience the rock wall, ropes course, adult road course, junior oval track, our high- tech arcade, bowling, and lunch. This kids are pretty lucky, my summer camp was no where near as cool as this!

The Andretti Ultimate Racing Kamp features Kart and Track safety, engine maintenance, and proper steering and braking techniques and is directed by former YMCA counselor Bernie Snow who has over 6 years experience working with kids. Professional instructing is provided from Lead Instructor Pat Wilmot, a professional SCCA driver who got his start at Andretti Indoor Karting.

Andretti’s contacted us about bringing some of our cars out so the kids attending the Racing Kamp could see some cars that actively attend track days, of course we gladly accepted their offer.






We took out the Forged Performance Porsche GT3 shop car, an employee’s built motor twin turbo 350Z and an employee’s NSX. The kids were extremely excited to be able in sit in the cars and learn about the performance modifications that each car has received. We gladly told stories of track days we have attended and even had a little Q&A session with the kids. At the end of the day when we got back to the shop it felt good that we were able to give back to our local community and help fuel the passion of future motorsports enthusiasts.

We are now taking pre-orders for the limited production G12 Special Edition by VOLK Racing!


Model: VR G12 for NISSAN
Exclusive Limited Color: Double Machining / Black Clear
Includes: Exclusive Red Ring Center Cap, Air Valve
Features: Hubcentric 66.1mm, Anti-Tire Slip (Knurling finish)

Available Sizing:
- 20×10 +30
- 20×11 +15
- 20×12 +23

Due to the extremely limited production, orders will be first come first serve. These will not be available as a regular order item, and the special edition center caps will never be available again in the future.

The deadline to get your orders in is August 10, 2011. Here is a link to our webpage: Volk G12 Special Edition

Call or email one the friendly representatives at Forged Performance to reserve your set of this highly exclusive wheel by VOLK.

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