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I met Jack and his wife, Sara about 3 months ago as she was shopping fora Birthday surprise for him. While the car was at the local Nissan dealership for a faux “TSB” campaign, the car emerged with a set of Advan GT’s and Michelin PSS tires. Then a few weeks later, Jack decided to add some standard power adders and a tune to his GT-R. Shortly after that, Jack decided to drop the car off over the Thanksgiving weekend for a much larger upgrade in power. With parts staged and ready to go, the team jumped on his car and installed the following. I promised Jack that he’d have his car back in time for Christmas and we exceeded that goal.

Power Adders:

AMS Alpha 9 Turbo Upgrade
AMS Catless Downpipes
AMS Y-Pipe
AMS Front Mount Intercooler
FP 3 Inch Intake
ID 1000 Injectors
Aeromotive Stealth Twin Pumps
Cobb XLE BOV’s
AMS Radiator Overflow Tank
Cobb AP with TCM Control
FP Dyno Tune: 691whp/610trq at 20psi 93 Octane

Handling Adders:

Advan GT Machining Hyper Black: 20X10 +35 20X12 +20
Michelin Pilot Super Sport: 285/35/20 XL ** 335/30/20 XL
Forged Performance Sway Bars and End Links

We’ve done 2 of these Alpha 9′s in the past month and their custom billet wheel, larger compressor cover, and Forge Actuator all come together really nicely. Very responsive, and easily making power all the way to redline…even with 93 octane fuel. Jack has plans to build the engine next year and crank these up quite a bit more. Saturday afternoon, I loaded Jack’s car back up and made the drive to Memphis to personally deliver the car. The smile on Jack’s face…and breakfast…were enough to make it all worth the 6 hour drive. :) See you both next year.

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